Sharing The Good News Using Christian Tees

By Marissa Velazquez

Christians believe fervently in the redeeming power of the sacrifice Jesus Christ made on the cross at Calvary. They recognize and accept the need to get the message of salvation out to all the world as mandated by Jesus. This is why they involve the use of a wide range of tools such as print and audio-visual media to get the job done. Among the tools of evangelism used by members of this faith are Christian tees.

If you are thinking that these garments must be boring and dull you are of course wrong. There is a wide variety of designs and colors available for selection by wearers. Some shirts, for instance, come with images depicting scenes from the Bible. Others display scripture verses or messages related to the gift of salvation or warning of the perils of refusing this gift.

The fact that these shirts allow for convenient evangelism makes them even more appealing to evangelists. Wearers get to send messages out to all who view the shirts without having to utter a single word. Using this method, evangelists can be assured of the fact that even when they are otherwise occupied, the message is still being communicated.

Events designed for evangelistic campaigning are enhanced by these shirts. The theme for the event may be displayed on the shirt, reminding all attendees of the purpose of their visit. Teams of evangelizers could be asked to wear the tees as well. This makes them easily identifiable and come in very handy especially when visitors want someone to consult.

Another great way to evangelize through these shirts is to distribute them at concerts or other mass assembly events. When attendees leave the event wearing or taking the shirts with them, they are also taking the message. The end result has the potential to be pretty powerful especially considering a situation in which the guests come from diverse backgrounds or communities. This is a method that could potentially get the message to travel across geographical boundaries.

When evangelizers consider delivering their messages, they must factor in language and this is true for fashion based evangelism as well. Some shirts can be created with textual messages in multiple languages. This is especially important when the target audience speak different languages.

Some evangelism teams choose to make the shirts by hand. They use screen printing techniques to accomplish this task. This is a great idea for challenging and inspiring the youth groups in a church. Others prefer to outsource the job to online or physical t-shirt printing companies. Online companies are convenient and many offer customization features which mean that the team gets to choose or create its own design and or message. The shirts are then delivered after the online transaction is completed. This option is ideal when all team members are occupied.

Clothing has the potential to speak volumes. This is a fact that is recognized by those who study the human being as a social animal. They have found that fashion is a powerful communication tool. This is why Christian tees are such useful tools for evangelism.

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