Discover What Catholic Evangelization Is All About

By Marissa Velazquez

There is much desire to make people aware of the good news about the Lord Jesus Christ among members of different churches. This comes in handy even as the second coming of Christ nears. The catholic fraternity is passionate about spreading the good news and making people aware of the eternal life that Christ gives. In connection to this, they encourage everyone to participate in the catholic evangelization work to redeem the world from the evil deeds.

They are not contented with the members they have in their churches. They look for more believers who can boldly come and be witnesses of Christ. They are concerned about the community members of all ages since Christ do not choose based on age or gender. One of the sound mechanisms they are using to draw people to Christ is by building schools. Most of the students would easily convert in their religion.

Needy people often find relieve and safety in the hands of members of this church. Most of the people who donate their personal contributions to the poor families are members of this church. They are more concerned with the welfare of the real life so that embracing spiritual messages can be easier. Some of the acts of charity that they do are digging boreholes in dry lands and arid places. They also donate food and clothes to them.

You can never take people where you have never been. This slogan is common in most messages and summons that members of this church confess. What it means is that, they must practice first what they are asking others to do. They should not lead from behind since no one will see them. They follow Christ who asked his disciples to follow them just in the same way he followed his heavenly father.

You will not make sense when preaching to non-believers without spiritual books and bibles. The reasons of giving them bibles are to ensure that they understand some spiritual and biblical concepts on their own. The evangelism team receives good share of money from the church leadership to buy enough bibles and reading materials to distribute to people they come across.

Prayer changes things, as most members of this church would explain. The spiritual leaders of this community are keen to emphasize on the benefits of prayers even before the evangelism begins. They argue that Christ would first pray before meeting with the members of the public and preach to them. This is significant in making the heavens intervene before delivering the message.

Since the Catholics understand the role of missionaries in this generation, they do not struggle to fund them using their own resources. They help them reach out to those whom they cannot reach themselves. This spirit of supporting others is what most denominations lack and hence ends up competing instead of complementing another.

You may not walk for long distance before you spot their churches in strategic places. They invest in ensuring that community members are not straining to find churches to attend as a way of strengthening catholic evangelization. It may look funny, but it helps them pass the messages of good news to the common people on the ground.

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