Bible Quotes Can Make You A Better Person

By Carol Wilmington

There are famous songs and famous people but none of had the impact that the Bible has had. The Bible and various Bible Quotes have had life changing affects and provide lifelong values for millions and millions of people around the world. The Bible has been translated into more languages than any other book ever and arguably has had lasting changes in more people's lives than any other book in the world. With these astonishing facts, there are still naysayers who don't believe the value of religion or the Bible itself.

When you dissect the Bible and its teachings, you may be surprised to see how close it is to our everyday life. The rules that we follow as individuals and the laws we are bound by are directly related to the Bible. You can see the core principals in the 10 commandments. These values and life lessons are present from the beginning of time and form the basis for modernized society as we know it.

Understanding that our laws and actions are largely based on these religious principles from the Bible and lesson from Bible Quotes is the first step. But how is it that people are unable to see the relationships and the associations with current law. Religious principals have laid out most of common law as we know it. It's these principles that make us a better person and allow us all to live together peacefully. The Bible has provided this for us.

There are portions of the Bible where stories have been written in a time when all the answers weren't available. These stories often represented interpretations of natural events, feelings, or actions by others. While not always a true depiction of reality, they are often used as lessons for us to learn about ourselves. Why did people act the way they did. Who can blame someone for making a circumstantial decision?

Looking at Bible Stories, you can relate them today's world. Regardless of the fact that the story is dated or possibly filled with tales that appear to be unbelievable at face value, there is a meaning. Understanding the Bible means being able to dig deeper and see where the value and the lessons are that help shape us. Stories may be interpreted figuratively as opposed to literally and this is where the Bible has lessons to be learned.

These stories or lessons of the Bible provide the core for values we all should exhibit. We should care for one another and treat others the way we would like to be treated. We shouldn't necessarily judge others by their circumstances or decisions. Life presents difficult obstacles and circumstances and people handle them differently. While there may not be a wrong or right way, there certainly are better ways to deal with them. The Bible provides this guidance and has helped millions through similar situations.

Regardless of the time you have and it's important to make the bible a priority. Looking at the Bible and understanding its impact on our lives and society, you understand that reflecting on Bible Quotes can make you a better person. While it may not be the literal interpretation, there is meaning in every Bible Quote and there is no time better than now to start making the Bible a priority in your life.

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