Stone Marker Design Style Ideas

By Peggy Lithgo

Many people find it quite difficult to accept the passing of a loved one. They feel such a sense of loss that coping with their grief can be very trying. Most find that installing a Grave Memorial that represents the personality of the deceased not only pays homage to their memory but provides a physical link for those left behind.

The comfort factor is a prime reason for taking the time to select an appropriate burial plot marker. The best choices will represent the personal tastes of the one for whom it is intended. Being able to choose from thousands of combinations of design options and engraving concepts means that it should be no problem creating something that makes a proper tribute.
Cemetary Stones

Each of the materials commonly used for this type of product has its own set of beneficial qualities. Many markers are made from substances like stainless steel, brass, marble, limestone, concrete and wood. The two most popular gravestone construction choices are stainless steel and granite because these two have the advantages of being attractive, low maintenance and possess incredible durability when it comes to weather.

A lot of cemeteries have begun placing restrictions on the markers that will be permitted to be installed on their grounds. Some reasons for the regulations may have to do with maintenance issues or maybe an effort to obtain a more uniform look. Regardless of why the guidelines are instituted, one should be aware if their preferred facility has any and keep them in mind when designing the gravestone.

Granite is a material that provides the designer with many options. It allows one to step away from the regular grey stone and choose more vibrant hues like green, blue, red, pink, black and white if so desired. They may decide to keep the traditional matte surface texture or opt for a highly polished finish that shines like a mirror and holds an etching beautifully.

Details may be added to make the design more personal. This may mean having a favorite passage, verse or symbol etched into the surface. Many people find that the Victorian practice of incorporating a weather proofed photo frame into the monument is a truly inspired way to make the tribute special since it immortalizes the individuals likeness for generations to come.

Decals showing organizational memberships or military service may also be added. Other ways to create a unique grave memorial is to incorporate things like statues, planters, vases and benches into the design. Solar lights provide constant illumination for an extra special touch.

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