A Cross Examination Of The Staten Island Christian Church

By Jayne Rutledge

Churches are dedicated buildings where the believers often meet for worshiping. These buildings house the different types of believers and faithful. The believers often meet here for worshiping on Sundays. Some believers worship on Saturdays. The churches are always open throughout the week. This ensures that the faithful often exercise their freedom of worship. The Staten Island Christian church has been on the forefront of championing the freedoms for the worshipers. This is usually done by welcoming all and sundry for worshiping.

Christians have faith in a super being. This being in most religions is God. The faith has been increasing over the years. It is said that God manifests himself in a number of ways. He created the world and the entire universe. The stars, moons and other heavenly bodies are under his control. This means that he uses these bodies to make himself felt by the believers.

Churches are often used for worship. There are several reasons why the Staten Island believers worship. One of the main reasons is to thank God for the gift of life. Through the various natural things that he has given us, the world is able to support life. The air that we breathe supports various types of lives. This is what makes us healthy.

Christians also meet here in order to thank God and honor his name. The believers have various ways of doing this. Reading and sharing of scriptures is one of the ways through which they honor his holy name. Through the word of scriptures, the worshipers feel his presence among them. They are filled with the Holy Spirit as result of sharing of his word. Reading of scriptures also works towards strengthening their faith in God.

Most churches allow the Christians to form different social groups. Through these groups, the members are able to know each other in depth. The social groups are the foundation of most interactions within a church. The members share their day-to-day experiences. The experiences are often in form of temptations that they face and the trials that they could be going through. Testimonies strengthen the faith of Christians.

Members of the churches are encouraged to bring more friends. The new members in turn bring more friends to the churches. The members are warmly welcomed into the new worship centers. As more and more people are brought into the worship centers, the groups of believers grow.

Churches have a special a special way of giving to the society. This is based on the spirit of sharing. The worshipers visit the needy around their homes or the worship centers. They share the gospel with them. This strengthens the needy and gives them the courage to face their tribulations. Worshipers could also share their belongings with the needy as a gesture of love.

The Staten Island Christian church was founded by few believers on special virtues. The groups of believers have since grown as more trickle in. The groups of worshipers extend the love for their neighbors by sharing what they have. The spirit of sharing has since transformed the growth of the groups and strengthened them in terms of faith.

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