Will The Antichrist Be A Muslim

By Eliza Mendoza

The questions about end times ignite cross cutting debates that are tricky to understand. Christians have been wondering, will the antichrist be a Muslim. Islam and Christianity have a lot of literature about the end of this world. Only these scriptures can be used in the search for a conclusive answer. Whether the so called beast will be Islamic or not remains a theological puzzle that can only be solved by time.

Islam is brought into the picture because Shiites tell of an imam who disappeared at a tender age of six. He is said to have sort shelter in caves to escape persecution. This imam is said to have been the twelfth after Mohamed. The Shiites belief that he shall return before judgment falls on mankind.

In the bible, Revelations narrates about a leader who shall conquer and rule the world before judgment day. This information is contained in verse four of the thirteenth chapter of Revelations. The ruler is to ride to power by promising peace to Israel. The peace will be said to last seven years, but the deal shall collapse before the end of that period.

The breaking of the treaty forms part of the signs that he is the beast that was predicted in prophesies. The ruler will declare himself God over the nations and rule as a despot. These events will herald the second coming of Christ. When the scriptures from Islam and the bible are related, some people believe that such a person with then be the twelfth imam.

The book of Daniel in the Old Testament throws a new spin into the debate. He gives a chronology of four empires that will rule before the rapture. There are three traits that are used to identify the final king. These traits resemble what John gives in the book of Revelation. The king shall reign with intrigues, allow deceit to prosper and feel super human.

The bible seems to exonerate Muslims from blame when it constructs the images of the final days. It describes four kingdoms with the last being a regrouped Roman Empire. Muslims are not part of this Roman Empire and therefore escape the net. Fighting between Muslims and Jews makes it almost impossible to get the seven year truce to be promised by the king. This seems to exclude Muslims from the equation.

The origin and nature of this antichrist remains speculative. The information also indicates that the king is to deliver peace to the Middle East region. The only possibility in this line would be a person of mixed decent. Muslims would accept him as their twelfth imam while Jews would see him as their king too.

Until we are able to answer the question, will the antichrist be a Muslim, Christians can only exercise care when dealing with any leader. The bible cautions Christians not to believe every spirit that comes. They are required to test such spirits in order to identify if they come from the father. Such spirits can only be believed if they confess that Christ is the Lord.

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