What To Expect From A Non Denominational Church

By Marissa Velazquez

A non denominational church can be a good place to go if you need a change from where you are at the moment. Often if you are in one place for too long it can become stale with the same ideas that don't seem to change. If there are no goals or dreams of moving forward set by the elders it may be time to think of something else.

Often there can be a lot of inner war in the church and this can be a big problem for the congregation as well as for the elders. This starts out as something small and is just blown out of proportion. Certain places do things in one way and that is their belief. Often this takes over from everything else.

There are those that idolize and worship statues within their place of worship, and this defeats the purpose of what the actual purpose of Christianity is all about. This is not their fault because it has been taught to them by the church and by their parents. When they realize what they are doing, a light will go on and things in their lives will start to change. There is a difference between worshiping an idol and the one which Christians believe that is not the pagan God.

A non denominational church embraces people from all sectors, so everyone can worship together. It seems strange that people have to be segregated because they belong to an Anglican and a Methodist church, for example. At the end of the day, the belief is the same and that is what you should be striving for.

If you are able to break that and get out of your comfort zone, you may be lost coming to a non denominational church. There won't be any traditions. However, you may get to see what the genuine Christian is all about and you may be able to receive some of that warmth from others who have been blessed with this.

One could say that there is a greater sense of warmth in a non denominational church. They embrace everyone, and they would accommodate anyone who wants to say something. There is no routine and this is what people like about this kind of church. It is nice going there not knowing who is going to speak or what songs you are going to sing. Sometimes you may have communions, but this is not always a done thing.

Someone who is able to break out of that comfort zone and visit a church which does not present traditions that are present in one of the denominations that they may be used to has to brave. It may be a good idea to come with a family member or a friend. It will definitely be different, but it is worth the effort.

A non denominational church is usually bigger in structure and is always organizing events and groups to make members join in. This is important because one needs to get involved. Joining a group can enable you to interact with other Christians and meet other people who have the same sort of beliefs as yourself.

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