Some Individuals Expect A Muslim Antichrist

By Nelda Powers

Numerous Christians are curious about whether or not a Muslim Antichrist will eventually appear in the world. The conventional viewpoint within most Judeo-Christian churches is that this individual will be European or Roman. In all likelihood, this philosophy stems from information found in the book of Daniel in the Bible, which calls the aforementioned individual a descendent of those who destroyed the Temple. The Bible records these individuals as Romans, and states that they destroyed the Temple in the year 70 A. D.

Scholars are also divided with regard to whether or not this person will claim to be a Christian or a Jew. Many people believe that the Gospel of John states that the Antichrist will be Jewish. Certain individuals think that in order deceive the Jewish people and be accepted by their race, he will have to be, or at the very least masquerade, as a Jew himself.

Other individuals have based their theories on certain verses in the Bible that seem to indicate that a non-Jewish person will be the anti-Christ. For example, in the last book of the Bible, which is called the Revelation, this individual is depicted as a beast that arises "from the water." When that phrase is used other times throughout the Scriptures, it is always used to describe a "Gentile nation."

Yet another argument is that this individual will be a Muslim. This is the current and the most popular philosophy among most Christians. It may have caught on because of the recent and obvious renewal of the Muslims' goal to conquer all the nations of the world in the name of their god Allah.

Many manuals have been penned on this subject by knowledgeable individuals who have studied eschatology. In one novel, a biblical foundation is created that asserts that the anti-Christ will definitely be a Muslim. Other books also allude to this theory without overtly stating that it is the case.

Because the Bible also mentions a false prophet along with the Anti-Christ, some people are of the belief that one of these individuals will be Jewish, while the other will be a Muslim. Still others claim that both will be of European or Roman descent, as previously mentioned.

There are many conflicting opinions about this topic, and therefore numerous Christians have completed their own research on the subject. Of course, not everyone has come to the same conclusion concerning whether or not the Antichrist will be a Muslim. However, anyone who has completed such research has likely found that a study project of this type is both rewarding and interesting.

It remains to be seen if there will indeed be a Muslim Antichrist. Even though opinions conflict in the church world concerning the race of this individual, virtually all Christians believe that we are now in the end times. This is why those who have embraced Christianity must watch and wait, and listen for God's voice regarding which public figures are trustworthy and which have evil agendas. Due to the fact that nobody knows precisely when the Antichrist will make his first appearance, Christians are wise to take up this matter in prayer.

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