Christian Book Store Waterbury CT

By Marissa Velazquez

There is a lot more going on at a Christian book store Waterbury CT than just selling Bibles. Today's Christian gift and book shops are selling a huge range of books on how to express your faith and become everything you were meant to be. You can find books about fasting, praying in tongues, managing finances the biblical way, inspirational life stories of peoples' journey to Christ and so much more. Multi-media has a big presence, too. They have a wide selection of worship music CDs, audio books and DVDs.

A new genre in literature, faith-based fiction, has hit the scene big time. Christianity is woven into everything from romance to westerns. Some of it is based on biblical facts, while other novels tell stories about trying to live a righteous life in a modern world that is governed by sin. Taylor Caldwell's fictional account of the life of the Apostle Paul reads like it could be his authorized biography.

The City of Waterbury in Connecticut occupies 75 square miles straddling the crossroads of interstate highways 691 and 84. Hartford, the state capital, is 33 miles north. New York City lies 77 miles southwest.

Waterbury, the "brass capital of the world" in the first half of the century, bears the motto " Quid Aere Perennius?" which means something like "brass is eternal." Brass is such a huge part of the city's heritage that it bears the nickname, "The Brass City." Another major industry at one time was the manufacture of quality timepieces.

Vestiges of the city's brass and clock-making glory days are seen in numerous clock towers dotted around along with old factories that once made brass castings, finishings and other assorted ornaments. Robert H. Ingersoll sold more than five million copies of his famous one-dollar pocket watch. Waterbury brass was, at least at one time, used to make the nation's nickels and may now be found in coins in South Africa.

A major proportion of the town's residents (72%) observe the Catholic faith. New Haven County statistics reveal that the remainder are divided between the United Church of Christ (5%), Judaism (7%) and "other" (16%). This implies that there is quite a market for Christian books, etc.

The oldest standing church in Watertbury is probably the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception, a Roman Catholic Church established in 1847. Some visitors have referred to it as Waterbury Cathedral. St Joseph's Church, the first Lithuanian church in the area, was founded in 1894.

If you are looking for inspiration, biblical maps or a gift for someone, a Christian book store Waterbury CT is a good place to look. Even the most hardened non-believer would appreciate a St Christopher medal or a tasteful coffee mug. The history or geography student in your life might be grateful for ancient maps. If you are really stuck for what to get someone, there is always the old standard, a new Bible. Whether you splash out on a beautiful family Bible or just a paperback, it will look good on the coffee table or bookshelf. You never know, in a moment of crisis or even to settle an argument, someone might just pick it up and read it!

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